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September 2012: MACKAPÄR AB

The Story - The Triplex Lamp (by MACKAPÄR)

Two engineers, one in Enköping, Sweden, the other in Helsingborg, same country, shared the love for a lamp. A lamp with multipurpose use from its rigid design and adjustment possibilities rarely seen. The lamp was made with love for the art of engineering.

One of them an inventor, a famous and successful man. The history of the second man is yet to be written. 90 years has gone by since the Triplex Lamp first spread its light, today it's reborn.

Johan Petter Johansson was born in 1853 in Vårgårda, Sweden as the oldest of seven siblings. JP considered emigrating to America with his family after military duty but decided to stay behind. He kept his work at a mechanical workshop, and JP worked his way to become an inventor.

Some years, inventions and patents later he decided to start his own business. That’s when he came up with the idea for the monkey wrench and the universal screw spanner. Sold through a tool workshop run by JP’s son and colleague, the universal screw spanner was a complete success all over the world.

One of JP’s very last inventions was the multi adjustable lamp device for the Triplex lamp in 1919. The same year that he started Triplexfabriken (the Triplex factory).
JP passed away only months before his 90th birthday in the 1940s. Today his memory is preserved by the JP Johansson association and by all of us using his inventions, making our everyday lives easier.

In 1980 a boy named Robert Kullenberg was born in Torekov, Sweden as the oldest of 4 siblings. He showed a flair for technical stuff at an early age and spent many hours with the universal screw spanner repairing mopeds and restoring an old racecar. Slowly but firmly an interest in design grew stronger. Meeting his future wife further contributed to his artistic side and many weekends were spent at auctions and flea markets seeking finds for their home.

One day, while looking for the perfect lamp with an industrial look for the loft apartment, he met his first Triplex, not for sale though. But love arouse and the search was on. A couple of years later, after a one-day trip of 700 km by car, 2 Triplex lamps moved to Helsingborg.

Since it was so difficult to find in decent condition, the thought and the dream of bringing the Triplex lamp back to life came to him. After a lot of research, hours at the computer and discussions with different parties preserving the heritage of JP Johansson, the lamp is now reborn.

A piece of history and quality engineering combined into a genius design lamp for us and future generations to enjoy. The lamp is locally produced in South of Sweden.

Serie 1 is now on The market.

MACKAPÄR AB      Företagare: Robert Kullenberg
Hemsida: www.triplexlamp.se

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